DhtSearch is a BitTorrent-DHT search engine. DhtSearch acts as a service provider, transmitting material at the direction of the user of DhtSearch in the form of magnet links and other metadata that were collected by an automated technical process. DhtSearch is not a forum.

BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol. BitTorrent and the BitTorrent DHT decentralize the tracking of nodes that participate in the sharing of information relating to a torrent.

DhtSearch maintains a database populated by torrent metadata ((such as file names and sizes, and info-hashes) collected from the DHT. DhtSearch participates in the DHT network and follows the DHT protocol specification. DhtSearch is not a tracker, doesn't store any torrent file content, and only collects torrent metadata.

DhtSearch exposes entire space of torrents visible to the public DHT. This may or may not include torrents visible to public trackers, but does not include those exclusive to private trackers.

Magnet links and torrent metadata are not useful without the interpretation of external software not provided here. You need to install a BitTorrent client to download content (just as you need to install a web browser to view HTML pages).